Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s play the what if game….


What if…. we want to customize one of your packages? What if we have a budget? What if we decide to elope instead (bring me with you, of course!) Take a deep breath, I am here to answer any and ALL questions. Here’s a look at some of the more frequent ones. If you don’t see your question posted here feel free to shoot me a quick email, I promise I’ll respond!

Delivery Time

Delivery time is 2-4 weeks for wedding, 3-5 days for engagement sessions. I was a bride, and I get it, the anticipation of seeing your photos is insane! Just keep calm and know that a sneak peek will be sent your way and ;)!

The Support Group

Once we become contract official, we become Facebook official! You will receive a link via email to be added to the ‘Rebecca Jordan Brides Support Group’, a secret group on Facebook for all of my clients (mainly brides- but grooms are welcome too!) to have an online forum to discuss, ask each other questions, gather advice, and get recommendations. I post in there as well, but feel free to post anything you need help with! A great example of this would be, “I need an awesome florist in Tampa, Florida- any suggestions?”

How many photos do we get?

My motto is, “if the photo’s good, it’s yours!” I wont send the unflattering, blurry, mid-eating shots because that’s just a waste of everyone’s time but I WILL however send you an online gallery with full High-Resolution photos, with no cheesy watermarks or logo. You will receive a link to your gallery as well as a print release form. Feel free to share your link with as many friends and family members as you’d like so that they can download and print their favorites!

There are a lot of factors that go into this. The number of hours I’m hired for plays a big factor, but each wedding is unique in it’s own fantastic way! The way the day goes and the amount of moments to capture definitely determines the number of images. For a typical get ready to final exit day, you can expect anywhere between 600-1000 gorgeous and edited images.

How do I book? Is there a retainer fee?

Booking is painless! Shoot me an inquiry over at my pricing page, and I promise I’ll reply! A $1000 retainer fee is due with the signing of the contract and the remaining balance due one month prior to the wedding date.

Can I meet with you before booking?

Absolutely! Let me know if you want to sit down for some coffee or a cocktail and we can chat. I can also Skype or FaceTime if thats easier for you!

What is your editing style?

My editing style is “keep it simple”. I believe that everyone is beautiful in a unique way, and as an artist I like to capture that. When you add on heavy filters and crazy amounts of photoshop, you are stripping away that uniqueness that truly gives a moment it’s beauty. All of my photos come with light editing to fix lighting and shadows, as well as light spot editing (so don’t stress if an unwanted pimple shows up on your wedding day, I’ll cover it!) What’t not included is full photoshop editing that changes your body shape or adding/subtracting objects from a photo. For example, if you get in a fight with your maid of honor, I won’t be removing her from the images!

What can I expect on my wedding day?

A week to two weeks before the wedding I will send you a document to fill out asking for the big details like: family members that you want in your family portraits, specific addresses for the get ready, ceremony, and reception locations, as well as a timeline of the day. I will show up to each location based on the addresses and timeline that you provide and take pretty photos!

Often, people get wedding photographers and wedding coordinators confused. Wedding photographers are sometimes expected to know how the bride wants the table settings, where to put the emergency bag during the wedding, or which guest ordered the vegetarian meal…this is NOT a part of the wedding photographers job. This is why I HIGHLY recommend getting a wedding coordinator for details like this. While I always love to help- the more I’m directing other things the more moments I’m missing to photograph! Having a wedding coordinator helps me capture ALL of the moments and your day stay absolutely stress free. If you want more information about wedding coordinators that I have worked with and definitely recommend, let me know and I will email you a referral list.

What if you get sick and can’t make it to my wedding?

This question is definitely the number one question I’m asked. What if I’m sick, or there is some sort of emergency and I can’t make it to your wedding? No need to stress- like my motto says “I’ve got your back”. If for any reason I can’t make it to your wedding, I have backup photographers I will send to document the day. These aren’t amateurs, I only send professional photographers to capture the day, yet I will still be the main editor.