Meet the Real
Rebecca Jordan

By this point, if you actually made it to this page, you know that my name is Rebecca Jordan and I REALLY love to take photos of people. But that doesn’t tell you anything about who I really am behind the camera.

For starters- my real name isn’t even Rebecca Jordan anymore. I know, I know- WHAAAAAT. I married the love of my life in 2015 and happily became Rebecca Santayana, but after lots of trial and error, I figured out that people remember my business by my maiden name, so I stuck with Rebecca Jordan.

I’m a Virgo- which the only reason I find this fun fact important is because Beyonce is also a virgo soooo I’m basically Beyonce. No big deal.

I used to be a teacher, and I LOVE teaching and kids, but I hated the politics behind our school system. After a couple years trying to balance photography and grading essays all night, I decided to go full time with my business.

I have two dogs, and two cats who I love. I still consider myself a dog person 100% but my cats are super chill and I love how weird and unpredictable they are so I keep them around for snuggles.

Like I mentioned previously, I am married to a bomb ass man. We’ve been together for almost ten years now (CRAZY) and he is truly my favorite human. When he’s not being a hot doctor he enjoys second shooting with me, geeking out over anything electronic, and giving me top notch foot massages.

How to wrap up who I am in one paragraph, let’s see…I’m a huge animal lover, obsessed with the beach and all things tropical, and constantly planning my next adventure. I stop to pick up trash, pet every dog I see, and smell wild flowers. I rarely brush my hair and I’m lucky if I make it out of athleisure clothes. I buy way too many pairs of shoes, and have a slight obsession with scary movies, and still own a library card because I love the way the books smell. I’m a lover of all kids, and a nurturer by nature. This is me, real and authentically me, and I can’t wait to become your new friend.

A look into my life...

From fur babies, to lazy days, to adventures, here's a little look behind the scenes at my life behind the camera.