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My business name might be ‘I am Rebecca Jordan’ but my happily married name is Rebecca Santayana! I’m 26, a Virgo (still not sure what this means but Beyonce’s also a virgo so I’m guessing it’s definitely important to mention) and the proud mother of two dogs and one cat. I am married to an awesome man named Andres, who is a family medicine doctor and my biggest fan. I am obsessed with all of the normal basic girl things- Target, candles, and Rose’, and like to find any reason to travel.

I am a former 4th grade teacher and while I absolutely love children, I knew something was missing. Photography has always been a big part of my life, in front of the camera I spent 10 years as a commercial model and learned a lot about posing, lighting, editing, and shooting. I eventually started buying my own gear and spent hours with the professional photographers I had met in the industry learning from the best of the best about what really goes into this career that is often mistaken as a hobby. After a series of going to friends weddings and being the awkward girl crying because “it’s all just so beautiful”, I realized that I loved photography and was a person who really saw the beauty in weddings and wanted to be a wedding photographer. While I miss my classroom, there is nothing more rewarding to me now than giving my couples their moments, captured for a lifetime, and knowing that I was a part of one of the biggest events in their life.

So shoot me an email, or give me a call, because I can’t wait to meet you and follow you and your best friend around on the happiest day of your lives!