Capturing the cheers, the tears, and everything in-between.

Hiiiiiiii! No lie, thats probably how I’m going to start 99% of my emails. Which MIGHT be a little different from the, “Hello, congratulations on your engagement. Here are my prices” emails you are used to seeing from other vendors, but thats how I do things. DIFFERENTLY. No awkward posing, no high stress situations, and definitely no BS. I keep it real, keep it light, and make sure that you are having the BEST DAY EVER. 

So how do I do all that? I offer a unique, one of a kind experience that ends with photos you’re obsessed with. I promise to capture who you are as a couple, in the most natural and casual way that by the end of the day you’ll feel like you were just hanging out with a friend.

On wedding day, I know how to drop a really bad dad joke with your groomsmen to loosen them up, I know how to direct your giant family for family photos, I know how to become besties with your grandma, and will end up dancing with all of your bridesmaids at the end of the night. I will carry your lipgloss in my fanny pack and let you know when you need a touch-up, and I would definitely take a selfie with you for instagram.

The big difference between me and the other guys? I care. A LOT.

Bottom line- if you like gorgeous photos and want to experience a photographer who cares about you, then I am Rebecca Jordan, and I am your wedding photographer.


The Rebecca Jordan Experience

Trust me, I’ve got your back There are a lot of different moments that go into a wedding day, and as your photographer I have to know how to respond to them to capture the memory correctly. I know when I need to be more serious and organized for moments like family photos, to being outgoing on the dance floor to capturing those fun dancing photos. Knowing when to crack a joke with the groomsmen to get them to show those real smiles, and knowing when to hand a tissue to your maid of honor because she’s getting ready to make her toast (and then take a super cute photo of her tearing up). I know when to step back and grab the candids, and I know when you need a little help during portraits and posing in the way that makes you look your best. As your wedding photographer, you can trust me that I know the ins and outs of wedding day and how to capture the day perfectly. The experience is simple- I care. I want you happy, and I want to be there for you in any way possible. Once that contract is signed, I’m not going to ‘check out’ on you until wedding day. I believe in check in’s, in my online support group where you can ask questions and get support. I believe in FaceTime sessions and coffee meetings. I believe in doing anything I can do to help you feel supported during this process.